This 2300:1 shampoo will break down surface contamination for safe removal whilst premium lubricants will ensure dirt is lifted and carried away safely.

This lubricating shampoo offers unrivalled slickness and long-lasting rich suds. The addictive bilberry scent enhances the cleaning experience whilst the pH neutral formula ensures this shampoo is safe for all surfaces and will not break down any pre-existing protection applied to the vehicle.

The lubricity of our shampoo will ensure the ultimate slickness in a car shampoo. Our Pure Shampoo does not contain any gloss enhancers, waxes, or similar additives, meaning that it is suitable for use on all surfaces including matte and satin finishes.

Adding just 10ml of Pure Shampoo to your 15 Litre wash bucket is more than enough, meaning a 500ml bottle will offer a staggering 50+ washes.

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